About Us

Empower Graphics is a family owned printing company in business for over 10 years, serving a wide selection of customers and professions. We’re a full service printing, graphic design and mailing company. we utilize some of the latest and greatest technology and equipment in our efforts to provide our customers with great quality, great value and outstanding service. We’re located in South Orange County, California (The California Riviera). We can print and ship to any place in the United States. Thank you for visiting.


We utilize the most current technology in our industry. Our state of the art equipment allows us to provide our clients with high quality products on time and on budget. We realize that most people could care less about what model of press or copy machine we use, so long as they receive what they order.

On-Demand Printing

Need to Pull A Rabbit Out of Your Hat?
Order what you need when you need it. With on-demand digital printing you can manage printed inventory, spread out your marketing budget, and protect the environment by reducing waste. Deliver a timely and effective message produced “just-in-time” in efficient quantities, with custom messaging for a very direct marketing campaign. You have the power to print a few copies to test the market, or make a proposal with personalized printed samples to impress any audience.


Need to Change Things In An Instant?
Digital printing allows you to adapt and make changes easily. Pre-printing large quantities of generic literature has become outdated almost as quickly as 31% of all printed material does. Change the way you think about printing and revisions. Obsolete materials vanish and your competition disappears—anticipate and adapt to market changes by keeping your information current and adopt changes quickly with digital printing flexibility.

Short-Run Color

Need to Wow Them?
Our state of the art digital press delivers high quality printing at a very fast speed and consistency to make you look good and efficient. Empower Graphics selected this digital press because its color reproduction rivals a sheet-fed press and the color integrity is especially apparent in skin tones and flat screen builds.

Commercial Printing

Commercial printing is a term used to describe a broad range of products including Brochures, Rack Cards, Books, Newsletters, Posters, Menus, Direct Mail Pieces, Labels, Directories, Business Cards, Announcements, Postcards, Business Reply Cards, Greeting Cards, and much more. “Sheetfed” printing, the technique most commonly used for printing commercial products, is a high-quality printing method for quantities of about 1,000 to 100,000 pieces. We offer a diverse selection of sheetfed presses that can accommodate up to 6 colors, giving you photo-realistic results plus special effects such as metallic inks or varnishes on the same sheet. Sheetfed printing offers a wide variety of paper choices and printing techniques that allow you to be very creative.